On writing a “Statement of Purpose”

When you write a statement of purpose, you need to imagine yourself a big success in the field. Then, THINK! what makes successful people successful in this area.

Let’s take an example, you are applying to school to get an MBA or a degree in Entrepreneurship. You have a tong passion, but passion should always come with knowledge. Otherwise, the admission office at the school would think that you did not REALLY do your homework.

So, what makes a successful Entrepreneur? Here are some example not in a particular order:
– Innovation?
– Valuing Diversity and Networking?
– Hard work and over-achievements?
– Fast learner and apply what is learned?
– Leadership?
– Result-driven, Objective-driven?
– Social?
– Internship or trainings that show maturity?

Think of some good merits ..  You can use LinkedIn and follow articles/groups written by successful people in your area and list those merits.

At the end, people would like to see that you “know”, you are “passionate”, and you have “delivered” something.

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