Assalamo alikum Everyone and thank you for visiting my website!

This website is mainly about “Investing in what matters” and I use it to archive my articles and shed the light on some of the unique experiences I have had so far in:

1) Social Entrepreneurship – With a group of great volunteer, we have founded a non-profit organization and I personally have learned a lot about forming non-profits from an idea to fundraising, hiring staff and sustainability. Some related articles and resources will be archived in this website.

2) Impact and Angel Investing – With a group of great entrepreneurs and founders, I was able to get into this area in 2016. This website is one way to write more articles about the topic and showcase my portfolio.

3) Career shifts – With a continuous search for impact and investing in what matters throughout my career, I would like to share those experiences and sometimes my opinions about some industries and research areas.

I believe you are either a friend, a work colleague, a founder, a knowledge-seeker, a scientist, or an investor. Whoever you are, you must be looking for ways to make an impact like myself. Please feel free to message me at LinkedIn for any suggestions or advice. If you live in the Bay Area or Orange County, we can get some coffee together on weekends.

Have a wonderful one!

– Khaled Alashmouny

Social Entrepreneur | Impact and Angel Investor | Analog/Mixed-Signal IC Design Lead