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This is a great read for entrepreneurs looking for funding opportunities, investors looking for getting into or collaborating with VCs, and executives and tech people who are curious to know about another side that makes a successful startup ecosystem… part of why Silicon Valley unique. 

Book links: Amazon, Audible

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Below is a systematic way I have collected from multiple references to assess the investment opportunity. Of course if the founders are friends who are trying to get started, I would help them answer those and make the opportunity more solid and appealing to us and prospective investors if it is worthwhile.

This is a dynamic post, so I will be updating it from time to time. Some special updates would include (no promise on the timeframe):

  • provide a score to each item and total scoring
  • A python code to calculate those scores and provide comparisons against proxy companies who have exited through M&A or IPO

Please email me if you found this useful or add a comment.

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