Why Angel Invest? Impact Invest!

I started angel investment in 2016 and it was mainly because I wanted to be part of the startups revolution in my home country. Angel investing provides me a path for:

  • Helping and mentoring great talents and providing support through my network
  • Growing my network of innovative entrepreneurs and fellow investors
  • Acquiring new business skills and using my current skills in different ways
  • Knowing about the latest and greatest in areas of impact

Areas of Interest

I Angel Invest in areas related to Healthcare, CleanTech, Artificial Intelligence, Semiconductors, Security and Platform businesses. Those are the same areas I also invest in within the public market.

Below are some of the companies I invested in.

Selected Companies


Tarteel AI

Your Quran journey re-imagined. Tarteel’s team is on a mission to provide tools that help Muslims better understand and memorize the Quran through beautiful interfaces and experiences.

Featured News:

 Tarteel launches an AI-powered mobile app to help Muslims recite and memorize Quran 


Basilard Biotech

Basilard Biotech is a Southern-California-based company poised to lead a revolution in the engineering of cell based therapies in Cell and Gene Therapy (CGT). In 2019, the company launched a disruptive gene delivery technology platform called Celletto™. This novel approach to nanomechanical gene delivery has the potential to disrupt the current limitations of current viral and non-viral gene delivery—a breakthrough that could facilitate better scalability and more cost-effective production of cell and gene therapies.

Featured News:

When innovative microfluidics and MEMS silicon technology combine to enable new opportunities in biotechnology – An interview with Basilard BioTech



Robotire is automating vehicle maintenance for today and future autonomous vehicles with robot and software starting with tire changing in which we can do a set of 4 tires in 10 minutes from pull in to pull out.

Featured News:

Techcrunch: Your next tire changed could be performed by a robot


Inhalon Biopharma is a preclinical stage company that seeks to harness the power of biologics designed for mucosal applications for use in treating and preventing respiratory infections. Inhalon’s technology enables efficient trapping of pathogens in mucus secretions, thereby preventing them from reaching target cells and facilitating their rapid elimination from the airways.

Featured News:




Eva provides Advanced Amazon Analytics and Intelligent Repricing Platform to the Brands, Private Label Sellers, and Resellers.

Featured News:




Welnes brings you top notch nutritionists and trainers with fully customized meal and workout plans to help you reach your goals. Whether your goal is to lose weight, build muscles, or just adopt a healthier lifestyle, Welnes will help you get there

Featured News: TBU



Mogassam is a B2B platform that designs, manufactures and markets digital light processing (DLP) 3D printers, currently used for dental equipment. Mogassam digitizes the workflow for dentists allowing them to print their own crowns, aligners and Hollywood Smiles based on their patient’s imprint. The startup aims to complete the digital dental workflow.

Featured News:


Strategikon Pharma

Strategikon is about harmonizing the business of clinical operations. It develops a novel clinical trial planning, budgeting, outsourcing and vendor management platform

Featured News:



iDENTICAL™ is revolutionizing tooth replacement with personalized, drill-free dental implants. The technology enables us to create a personalized dental implant modeled from the patient’s own tooth. iDENTICAL™ implants can easily be placed by any family dentist, making tooth replacement more accessible and affordable for millions worldwide.

Featured News:


MindHeart Lab

MindHeart Lab is the maker of EduPal Robot for children with Autism. EduPal is a Robot that acts as Clinician’s Robot Assistant and knows the child’s name, teaches and learns, builds confidence, reduces anxiety and can speak on behalf of non-verbal children. 

Featured News:



Sandstone is an innovative technology and healthcare start-up company producing medical products and research tools designed to improve healthcare by bringing the point of care closer to the patient, increasing access, reducing costs, improving sample preparation, and enhancing performance of bodily fluid analyses including blood and semen.

Featured News:



The future of fitness is driven by data. This is what Fitbod stands for. They have developed the most advanced workout recommendation engines, which today builds completely unique and personalized workouts for 150,000 customers.

Featured News:




Gradio is bringing machine learning research from Stanford to the industry to improve your dataset and decrease labeling requirements by up to 55%.

Featured News:



CloudCath is offering a sensor enabled digital platform for peritoneal dialysis patients that assists in complication detection.

Featured News:

MedTech Innovator Selects 50 Best-in-Class Startups for 2019 Showcase and Accelerator

Nawah Scientific

Nawah’s mission is to empower research by providing scientists with access to state‐of‐the‐art scientific facilities and related know how, that enable them to carry sophisticated, more thorough scientific research.

It is the first, private, multidisciplinary research center in Egypt catering for natural and medical sciences. Nawah is a core platform of high-tech research equipment that provides a multitude of services to the region through an online platform, a world-class caliber of scientists and a strong logistic network.

Featured News:

African entrepreneurs in Jack Ma Foundation Africa Netpreneur Prize Initiative win $1m


KarmSolar Group is a multidisciplinary enterprise that focuses on fully self-sufficient project development for various types of communities and project developments. Through KarmSolar’s subsidiaries – KarmPower (Solar Technology) and KarmBuild (Design and Build), – our portfolio now includes entities in the commercial, industrial, agricultural, touristic and residential sectors in solar power infrastructure, real estate development, and providing innovative environmental & energy efficient development solutions in architecture and construction. We have evolved over the years to fully undertake full-fledged EPC & Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) contracts in house as well as project development fundraising, covering all aspects of project development. Being vertically integrated allows us to exercise more control on our inputs and thus become more cost efficient.

Featured News:

EDF Renewables will become a strategic shareholder of KarmSolar, a developer and supplier of solar power in Egypt


EBBAMS is a Cairo-based 3D printing services bureau. The business activities include:

  • Additive manufacturing services: additive layer manufacturing using plastic and metal printing for repair and reverse engineering.
  • AM for the medical sector: the development of customised medical implants for the orthopaedic and dental surgeries, or using plastics for pre-operative planning and the creation of surgical jigs and fixtures.
  • AM support activities: geometrical dimensioning and measurements using 3D scanning, heat treatment/stress relief, and surface modification and characterisation.
  • Modelling: general finite element modelling to perform stress analysis for new products, or to use topology optimisation for the development of new design concepts..
  • Educational activities: providing courses to the industry on the use and application of additive manufacturing technologies.

Membership and others

Member at Band of Angels

Member at Tech Coast Angels

Member at Astia Angels

Member at Jason’s Syndicate