Resources for Nonprofits

How important is the nonprofit sector to countries?

As we are in a critical planning stage at the nonprofit I volunteer with, we were looking into resources that can support us other than money. The most important resource is actually the human capital that can be part of our mission.

I will share here some of the resources I found and I encourage you to generally look at them if you are a potential member of a nonprofit or if you are looking for resources for your nonprofit:

1) Potential Volunteers and Board Members
I found these amazing resources that can help
a. Linkedin:
b. VolunteersMatch:
c. BoardSource:

2) Pro bono services: these are websites that can help you get professional services for good (free of charge) by matching you with those who choose to help through the same platform.

One example is:…/getting-started-pro-bono

These services can be anything from financial management to HR support and graphics design.

I am always amazed by how mature the nonprofit sector is in developed countries.

Please feel free to share resources and I can add them to the article.



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